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Precision Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Service


Aim Laser's state-of-the-art plate laser cutting facility enables the cutting of practically any component from sheet metal. Our 15kW plate laser ensures fast, precise cuts, every time. We can laser cut any grade steel, stainless steel or aluminum sheet metal, in many cases to a thickness of up to 40mm. Our laser cutting technology can produce parts with any number of intricate patterns, according to your precise requirements. If you have a custom design, custom thickness requirement or an alternate metal, please contact us to discuss your requirements - in many cases we can facilitate custom requirements.

​Our Toowoomba laser cutting facility has the capability to plate laser cut a vast array of sections and features with precision accuracy:

  • Ability to cut many sheet metals, in some cases up to 40mm thick

  • Bulk quantities of parts or components

  • Custom one-off parts

  • Accurate, precise cutting of even the most intricate design

  • Etching of part numbers on each part is available

  • Etching of fold lines available

  • Processing of DXF files

  • Any combination of punch holes including numbers, lettering and custom shapes can be cut on a plate laser cutter.

Plate laser speed cutting

Our Laser Cutting Technology


Many laser cutting companies cut plate, but we can do it faster. Our quoting and administration processes are fast, but you should see the laser move! Our plate laser uses the latest robotic technology as it moves within the machine.  It moves with an acceleration up to 6G and speeds up to 300m/min. Thanks to the latest technology, we can keep production moving fast, changing cutting beds within 11 seconds to be ready to cut the next sheet within only a couple of extra seconds.


25mm plate? 32mm? What about 40mm plate? We can cut these with ease. Check out the photo below.

40mm thick steel laser cut at Aim Laser

Why use AIM Laser for your sheet metal and plate laser cutting in Toowoomba and South East Queensland?


Thanks to our fast administrative processes, our highly experienced staff, our state of the art machines and our large facility, AIM Laser has an incredibly fast turn-around on our plate laser cut parts. We are committed to helping you deliver your job to your client on-time, every time and will ensure we support you with fast turn around of jobs, cut right the first time.

We have fantastic material suppliers who deliver quickly so we can keep your jobs moving without delays.

Like to know more? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you out!

Aim Laser plate laser capability
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