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Precision Laser Tube Cutting Service


Aim Laser's state-of-the-art laser tube cutting capabilities ensure clean, high precision cuts that match your requirements. We can laser cut round, square, and rectangular tube materials up to 1.4cm thick and produce simple mounting holes, intricate details, and everything in between, with perfect precision and repeatability each and every time..

​Our Toowoomba laser cutting facility has the capability to rotary laser cut a vast array of sections and features with accuracy:

  • Round, square and rectangular tube

  • Angle and PFC

  • Straight and angled cuts to any specification

  • Round, square or slotted holes

  • Customised holes of any design

  • Part number etching available

  • Engraving and punching of numbers, lettering or logos

  • Processing of STEP & IGS files

  • Upon request, a design service is available (costs apply)

Laser cut RHS parts

Our Laser Cutting Technology


Like other laser cutting companies, we can process pipe and RHS, however at AIM Laser, we  have the capacity to cut the difficult profiles too - Angle and PFC to be specific. Rather than having to do these difficult shapes by hand, we can do the cutting for you.

Laser cut lettering in galvanised RHS

Why use AIM Laser for your tube laser cutting in Toowoomba and South East Queensland?


We are local and have a great turn around time. We are keen for you to be able to deliver your job to your client on-time, so its in our interest to help you!

We have fantastic material suppliers who deliver quickly so we can keep your jobs moving without delays.

  • Balustrades

  • Bespoke components

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Spray rig structures

  • Spray tubes

  • Trailer chassis

  • Screen frames

  • And much more​

Like to know more? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you out!

Aim Laser tube laser capabilities
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